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{please read}> Our price for moving or picking up delivering a minimum of (1- 2) item(s) is $90.00 we do not charge you (by the pieces) we also consider a few items to be no more than (3) items. It is possible to negotiate adding on a few more items. With our small move flat rate prices we decide how much your cost will be partly by where we must come to move your items {your location}, what floor(s) your items are to be moved from and to, if we have to walk a 100 ft or more from your door to the truck and when unloading is there a long walk, or how many stair cases we have to walk up to load or unload. Also the extra delicate care we provide when delivering or moving Expense High End items. All prices are Negotiable

Our regular moving price with two movers on the truck is $90.00 per hour with a two hours minimum.

And if you need us to disconnect and reconnect certain items. How far you are moving, will we need to stop at a storage, or another property along the way to your final distination. and finally will there be plain ole waiting on you for some personal reasons. { FOR THE WISE CONSUMER! } IF YOU NEED A SMALL MOVE HOURLY OR FLAT RATE MOVING PRICE PLEASE LIST ITEMS YOU NEED MOVED ON OUR QUOTE FORM. click here

WANT SAME DAY SMALL MOVE: CALL 972-579-1922[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]